Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dry Cleaning?

  Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes without the use of water since water can damage certain fabrics such as wool, leather and silk. Instead, dry cleaning uses non-water based chemical solvents to clean clothes. 

Do you reuse dry cleaning solvent?

  At Barton & Miller we NEVER reuse solvent unless it is filtered and cleaned after every load. Other cleaners often do up to five loads of clothes before cleaning the solvent to cut cost which gives you that "dry cleaning smell". 

When a garment’s label says “washable”, can it be dry-cleaned?

 Yes. Our solvents are safe for all fabrics.

Do you clean & preserve wedding dresses?

Yes, we do clean & preserve wedding dresses. At Barton and Miller, we know how important your wedding dress is so we take special care to clean it to its original new condition.

My garment doesn’t have a care label. Do you know how to clean it?

Our experts are familiar with the various fabrics garments are made from. We read every label but if one is missing, we can determine the best process to clean it.

Can you get any stain out?

There are some stains that unfortunately are permanent. However our technicians have years of experience with all kinds of stains. If the stain can be removed, Barton and Miller will remove it. At Barton and Miller we remove what other cleaners wont attempt! 

Dry cleaning , Barton and Miller, Garment , Fashion, wet cleaning, cleaners, laundry press steam

Dry cleaning , Barton and Miller, Garment , Fashion, wet cleaning, cleaners, laundry press steam

How long will my clothes last if I am laundering them?

Your garments are an investment & a reflection of who you are & dry cleaning is much gentler on fabric than detergent and water so a garment that is dry cleaned will last significantly longer than a garment that is not.

What is commercial laundering & how is it different than laundering at home?

Commercial laundering uses special detergents and additives to thoroughly clean your garment which is then pressed while still damp to give it a clean, crisp, fresh, like new look. 

How often should I dry clean my clothes?

Keeping your garments clean will actually prolong their life so whenever they become soiled, bring them to Barton & Miller to clean & freshen them like new?

Does dry cleaning shrink clothes?

No. Our staff at Barton & Miller have all been professionally trained on cleaning and preserving your garments.

What is your policy on correcting an item?

At Barton & Miller our commitment is to have 100% customer satisfaction. If you're unhappy we will do our best to address your concerns and correct the problem.

How long do alterations take?

Most alterations can be completed within one to three days.